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At Citadel, we take the service we provide you as seriously as the service you provide to your clients. Our staff has extensive experience in distribution, service, accounting and online web applications; as well as implementing and deploying applications.

At Citadel, it means more than just fixing a problem. It must be an attitude that permeates the entire organization. When a service call comes in, a sufficiently skilled technician must be on-site within the prescribed time and with the appropriate parts. When a customer calls in an order or walks in off the street, you must anticipate the demand and have the stock available. When a product is returned for repair, you must give your clients accurate estimates on when it will be ready for pick up and what the cost will be. And when a client's expectations are not going to be met, you need to know about it before they call with a complaint.

Building and deploying enterprise solutions is no simple task and supporting such applications can prove to be strenuous even for the most advanced technical user. Citadel has always been there to assist their customers in combating the most challenging of tasks. Citadel's expert team of consultants will ensure that their customers receive only the best service and assistance when defining the requirements and building the applications.

We can supply the proper resources to ensure that you are up and running quickly and efficiently. No one understands better that your success is our success.