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About us...

Citadel Computer Systems is an Australian based computer technology company formed in the late 1980's with the express goal of providing the total solution for businesses in the sales and service marketplace. A solution designed to make open systems cost effective. A solution that is flexible enough to mould your business practices and enhance your competitive edge.

Over the years they have progressed into developing online business applications and revolutionised the way their customers do business, specialising in a wide range of computer services and development of small to large e-business online applications.

What makes Citadel Computer Systems unique is their ability to propel customers into the future by providing the consulting skills and technical expertise to develop and enhance creative and complex internet applications. Web systems integration is a specialist service offered by Citadel to streamline business transactions and reduce costs.

Today, with installations worldwide, Citadel has an impressive installed base of clients. They are ready to work with you to increase your market share, your client satisfaction and your bottom line. No matter how big or small a job may be, Citadel's customers can be sure they are working with some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry who not only provide the most rapid and advanced applications, but also produce a unique product with unmatched ongoing support and service. So if your organisation is looking for a competitive edge, talk to the people that are as committed to service as you are - Citadel Computer Systems.