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jBASE is a multi dimensional database system with it's own development environment which has incorporated many of the designed features of the Pick® model. The jBASE stable of products also includes OBjEX a set of class libraries for developers of desktop and browser based applications or extensions to a server based system. Unlike other 'Pick under Unix' or 'Pick under NT' products jBASE programs and data structures are native Unix or NT pieces of software. jBASE however also allows legacy Pick applications into a UNIX® or Windows™ target system by using porting tools and complier technology.

As jBASE™ is not Pick, it fits readly into the UNIX or Windows™ development tool mode. However, the development language (jBC™) and supporting interpreters and tools, allow programmers with a background in Pick developement tools to migrate their software onto Windows or UNIX operating systems without an expensive re-write.

If we examine the elements of a legacy Pick application, we can divide them up (simply) into a number of 'pieces':

The Application Development Language -- BASIC in some form or another;
A simple hashed file database;
A Query language and data dictionary -- English/Access/etc.;
A job control language -- Proc;
A number of supporting commands -- Verbs;
A number of utilities -- Spooler, batch processor etc.;

So, if we were to implement this in UNIX or Windows, without regard to the operating system parts of Pick (there are arguments for and against Pick as an OS Vs Database as the reader is no doubt aware), we would want to make the best fit without compromising compatibility. In this case we would have:

A compiler that compiled the original source code to machine code that was linkable with any other compiled language on the system;
A hashed file that was implemented on top of the OS file system;
A compatible query language executable from a standard shell (the data dictionary can obviously be implemented on top of the files system above;
An interpreter for Proc that behaved just like any other 'script' interpreter on the system;
A set of binaries named the same as the old 'verbs', executable from a UNIX shell, that performed the equivalent of the old 'verbs';
A set of binaries that performed the equivalent of the old utilities, but that whose interface was as compatible as possible with the old utilities;

Simply put, this is jBASE.. Over time jBASE has provided 100% compatible tools to replace all the elements of the Pick system (except ones with better replacements). All are standard binaries and are executed from any shell or component system. jBASE will also use ODBC, OLE DB and other database independent systems.This concept is radically different from alternative solutions and totally distinguishes the product as a pure UNIX system; NOT an emulator.

We believe, and so do many well-respected industry people, that jBASE is the way to move forward with your Pick based applications. We have tried to remove limitations and provided new integration possibilities for your applications. Please call to discuss other jBASE functionality such as SQL and database independence.

If you would like further information about jBASE or would like to download an Evaluation Version of jBASE, please visit the jBASE website.

jBASE and the jBASE logo (dove) are registered trademarks of T-jBASE SA, a company of the TEMENOS Group, Copyright © 2009 T-jBASE SA.